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Meet The Bloggess, CHECK!

Yes, I would have to say that meeting Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess was on my bucket list.  Well, it would have been on the list had I actually written one.

Last week as my husband was reading her latest posts while I slept through my agonizing double tooth extraction, he saw that she was travelling this week to do a book signing for “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and would be in Portland this week…  The week of my daughter’s wedding…  The week of above 90 degree weather…  The week I am suffering from a bad double tooth extraction that has become a painful infection…  We were both overjoyed and decided to drop everything and go.  We even coerced (yea, like I had to twist her arm) my sister into coming with us.

So we three, straight from work, having grabbed dry sandwiches from the deli to cram into our bellies as we drove so we wouldn’t miss a minute of the signing, set off down the road on a new adventure.  We laughed and had a great time on the hour drive from Silverton to downtown Portland’s Powell’s Books to meet with this internet GIANT.  We even heard a live band at Pioneer Park Plaza singing ” 867-5309, Jenny”  – how cool and appropriate was THAT?  Parking, $5.00.  No problem!  Right across the street from Powell’s!  We entered Powell’s Books excited and happy to have made it right at 7 PM for the start of the signing “Jenny I got your number….” playing over and over in our heads.

Well, guess what?  We had the WRONG number.  ”Where is Jenny Lawson holding her book signing” my husband asked a clerk.  ”You’re at the wrong store, she is having a book signing at the Beaverton Powell’s Books.”

DEFLATE!  My poor husband kicked himself all the way to the car and beyond for not double-checking the location.  I mean, it says plainly on her website “Portland, Oregon” not Beaverton.  No problem!  He looked up the location and found that it should take us 15 minutes to drive there.  Possibly so if Miss Know-it-All (me) hadn’t been driving the car.  ”The highway to Beaverton is this way….”  NOT!  After many stops and retracing steps, we finally made it to the correct bookstore at 7:35 PM.  Plenty of time to grab our books and get in line to have them signed!

FAIL!  We followed the sound of people and laughter and found The Bloggess cheerfully signing books for a room full of  250-300 people.  Sadly for us the woman who organized the signing only ordered 100 books.  SOLD OUT!  ”But you can have her sign this book tag and place it in your book when you come back to buy one.”  Alrighty then.  Pretty little book tag.  Little being the operative word here.  I watched The Bloggess gleefully sign her name across the page of a book… REAL BIG!  JENNY LAWSON — ginormous style.

<sigh> So at 9:15, after sitting for an hour in front of a young, very sweet but boisterous woman who has celiac disease by the way (she’s known since she was 10 years old and people just don’t understand how difficult it is to cut out all gluten and oh my gosh it’s difficult when all of your friends want to have dinner together and you have to fend for yourself or just sit and have a coke while they eat gluten filled food and I was flying home from back east on my summer break and wanted to get Jenny Lawson’s book to read on the flight but NO one had her book available so I had to buy it when I got home and I just laid on the couch and laughed and laughed and my mom said “you sound so happy” and I said “mom you have to read this” so she did but she didn’t find it funny at all and couldn’t understand the humor in it………… yadayada) we finally got to saddle up to our blogging hero to say hello, get a picture with her along with her signature on our cute little book tags, hand her a doodled card I’d made for her, make quick chit chat and we were out the door.   And YES, it was all worth it!!!  Such an inspiring, funny woman who started a little blog and made it big.

Pretty much one of the coolest moments ever!