We Still Believe In Faeries!

I was so excited to realize that it was partially light at 6:15 as I drove home from work tonight!  I know what that means!  Do you??  It means longer days are headed our way!  Sunshine!  Flowers!!  Coffee and tea on the patio after suppertime!  And it also means that my creativity will soon be fueled by springtime and summer!  Finally, my long, dark, dreary days might just be behind me (for a season).  Life can be dark and dreary enough even WITH extended daylight hours.  Hopefully I’m the only one who feels that way.


In this last year or more I have withdrawn into my own protective shell because of all the worries, physical pain and financial burdens that have faced us. I’m sure my family members would LOVE it if when they ask me how I am I would say “AWESOME!” and actually mean it.  I don’t know about any of you but it’s easier to go about life acting as if things are pretty okay than to really open up and say what I REALLY think and how I’m REALLY feeling!  Here’s hoping that from here on out we each MEAN it when we say we are “great” or “awesome” or even “just fine.”


Now, after that little break…. let’s get back to the sunny days ahead of us!  This last month in Craft Swappers Unite! we held a fun contest that netted some really awesome results.   The challenge was broken into three categories:  Artist Trading Cards, Jewelry and Altered Art (boxes or bottles).  The contest ran for 2 weeks only and 1 person from each category won a $10 gift card for Amazon. Many of the ladies were instantly ready to begin another challenge which meant my mind went into overdrive trying to come up with something to top the last one!


Hopefully this challenge will be even more fun to participate in!


So, in honor of spring and for continuing to believe in Faeries…. I give you our “Faeries Forever” Spring Challenge!  In this challenge you may choose to create a Faerie garden OR a Faerie home.  If you are extra ambitious (Ms. Mary! <wink wink>) you can create both, but they will count as one entry.   Pinterest is crammed full of Faerie/Fairy Garden ideas that are just amazing if you need inspiration to get started.  The home itself is a bit trickier.  I found a really cool post on Craftster.org that got me thinking about what the INSIDE of a faerie’s home would look like.  This one is called The Borrower’s Box, so named after the darling little thieves in Mary Norton’s literary work “The Borrowers.”  (because I’m sure I needed to explain that little tidbit!)  Take a look at The Borrower’s Box and the Faerie Gardens to get your juices flowing and then, following just a few requirements laid out here, jump on the band wagon and create!




Each participant must be a member of Craft Swappers Unite as that is where all of your pictures will be submitted and where we can gather and chat about our creations. You must JOIN the  Event “Faeries Forever” on Craft Swappers Unite to be counted as a participant.  The voting will also take place in the event page on March 31st.  If you are not yet a member of the group, you are invited to join us on Facebook.  We are an awesome group of artistically minded people who enjoy sharing our work with each other and often hold swaps and contests such as this one.


Each participant will pay $2.00 (US) to participate. (please check Craft Swappers Unite for payment information)


All entries must be submitted by March 30, 2014 and will be voted on by all participants on March 31st. The winner will receive EITHER a gift card for Amazon or the equivalent in the form of a paypal payment.  If we have 10 entrants, the winnings will be $20.00.  None of the money paid in will be used for anything other than the gift for the winner.  If we have more than 15 entrants, we may discuss the possibility of having 1st and 2nd place winners and gifts.


6 of the following items MUST be included in your garden or faerie home:

A matchbox

A mushroom (handmade of some sort)

Buttons (your choice of how many)

A ladder (handmade or store bought miniature)

A mirror (broken pieces of, or a tiny mirror)

A miniature handmade table

A planter box

Miniature windchime


An umbrella

A stone pathway

A hammock

A wooden spool


You are not LIMITED to those items by any means!  Please be creative!  Surprise us with what you come up with!


The garden can be made out of something as simple as a wooden box or as crazy extravagant as a marble planter/pot.   The home can be made out of something as simple as a shoebox if you wish.  Whether you choose to create a garden OR a home you must choose 6 things from the list above to include in your Faerie Creation.  Both the garden AND the home are required to have a DOORWAY.   The other absolute requirement is that somewhere in the home or garden the saying “We Still Believe” or “Clap if you Believe” must be clearly displayed.


Although buying miniature items and creating a garden or home would be simple and sweet I URGE you to use your own creative ability to create pieces to include in your work.   Please take at least 3 pictures of your work in progress (this can include your final entry photo).

The top three creations will be featured on this blog in April.  

Alrighty!!!  Let’s get crackin’ and usher in Spring all proper like!  I’m sure ready for it!

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  • Collie
    February 26, 2014 - 8:26 am | Permalink

    It’s on, lady!!!!!!

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